Reflections and New Directions in Wakeful Society, Culture, and Politics

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Issue Contents

Editor’s Introduction
Gabriel Dayley

Releasing the Bowstring Towards Wakeful Society, Culture, and Politics
Gabriel Dayley

Embracing Our Wholeness: The Importance of Embodiment, Lineage, Spirituality, and Social Justice
Arisika Razak

Mahāprajāpatī: An Arrow Ancestor
James K. Rowe

What Does it Mean to be Wakeful?
LaDawn Haglund

Data, Practice, Sandwiches, Possibilities
Rachel DeMotts

Space to Dream: Reflections on Teaching, Writing, and Living with The Arrow
Naya Jones

Original artwork for this issue by Chetna Mehta and Rae Minji Lee
Reprinted artwork from previous issues in The Arrow by Alicia Brown, Chetna Mehta, Rae Minji Lee, and Star Barker