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Special Issue: Buddhism & Feminism

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Buddhism & Feminism


Illustrations by Alicia Brown


  1. Helen Douglas says

    Thanks for this issue – interesting, thoughtful and attentive. One thing that puzzles me, and it comes up regularly in anti-oppression work, is the unproblematised acceptance that being in the dominant position is a “benefit” and being oppressed is a “harm”.

  2. Erika Berland says

    To the editors: Wonderful Series! I love the idea of an in-depth article and then responses to the article. It really makes the whole experience more engaging and your writers are fabulous….I could see many different topics approached like this. For instance…What is “Dharma” Art? or “Climate Change and Buddhism”, etc….And Alicia Brownss drawings remain incredible. I know its hard but you’re maintaining a very high standard through your sheer hard work and endurance.

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